Trea Dress - Tabii Just
Trea Dress - Tabii Just
Trea Dress - Tabii Just

Trea Dress

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The Trea Dress is a conversation starter. Be prepared to be the life of the party because everyone will want to know more about your dress. You already have killer taste so you must be used to this kind of thing. The Trea Dress comes with a modest calf length because not every day is a legs-on-display kind of day. Short sleeves make it work-appropriate if you're into that kind of thing.

100% Polyester Surplus Fabric 

Zero Waste

The Trea Dress is made from two rectangles of fabric. The excess is at the neckline shoulders and sleeves. These scraps are then recycled. 

We encourage you to develop a lasting relationship with this dress. Take it out to dinner. Take it to the movies. Live in it and allow it to become a part of the arsenal that is your wardrobe. Create memories in it. Allow it to help you write your story. Honor your clothing by wearing it and wearing it often. We've started its journey. Enjoy continuing it.

Our Small fits sizes 2-6.

If you're based in New York, personal fittings are available at no additional cost. Yup. None at all. Just email us at to set it up.