Tessa Maffucci

Tessa is a creative consultant who works in trend forecasting. She discovered her love of fashion watching old film noirs when she was in middle school. She was fascinated by actresses like Veronica Lake and Marlene Dietrich, especially the way their characters dressed and fashioned themselves. She was mesmerized by the dualities and contradictions in their dress, although she didn’t have the language for it at the time. She thinks the role of fashion is to provide all people with enough choice that they can find the garments that make them feel like their true selves. Fashion is such a slippery term and in her mind it is inevitably linked with trends and temporality, but fashion as style, rather than fashion as an industry, is a vehicle for self expression and exploration. If she could have one fashion superpower it would be tailoring. The ability to adjust and fit a garment is a superpower to her. She loves that in New York, fashion is always on display. On the subway and on the streets, people are always right up against each other and it is impossible not to absorb all of these micro fashion moments. It is so fun for her to see styles emerging and becoming popular, or to be able to just appreciate the purposeful and wholehearted fashion of so many people. Working in her little garden always makes her profoundly happy. She only have a few plants at the moment, mostly herbs and flowers, but taking care of them, trimming dead leaves, training new vines to wrap around a trellis, and keeping the beds clear and neat is deeply satisfying.

Photo by Moses St. Bernard