design statement

Clothes should delight.

It’s really that simple.

Whether it be your favorite blouse or an item you just picked up on a trip, what you decide to adorn yourself with should make you shine from within. Tabii Just’s purpose is to bring you closer to your fabulous shine. Through garments that flow with your body and mesh with your lifestyle, our pieces seek to become one with your wardrobe. We encourage you to become best friends with your TJ clothing. Live in it. Dance in it. Discover new ways to wear it. Each item is designed to be worn in varied aspects of life. Our clothing is carefully crafted in Brooklyn and Massachusetts (to see more about our makers, click here) under ethical working conditions. Streamlined zero waste designs made with surplus or responsible fabric result in clothing that is both timeless and timely. Through our communal approach to fashion, we seek to pull back the chiffon and give you a glimpse of the realness with our Women's Collective. Get ready for a different kind of clothing brand. We have a feeling you’re going to love it.

Tabii Just items are available primarily through two avenues: our online shop and Personal Style Sessions available only to NYC clients at no additional cost. Pick what you like from the online store and try them on where and when it’s convenient to you. Email to learn more about our Personal Style Sessions.