Lori Sutherland

Lori is a Pleasure Visionary & Soul Stylist who advocates beauty as a political act while loving her parsonage, family and lion-maned Belgian dwarf bunny. The most treasured item in her closet is hard to determine because every item has a soul styled story. The most valuable is a vintage 1940’s floral floor length rayon robe with sash ties at the waist that she found in impeccable condition. She found it in the funkiest, oldest,weirdest military mothball-smelling vintage shop on W. Broadway and Canal. If she could have a fashion superpower, it would be the power to give other women the gift of Soul Styling, which is that they would know how to adore, adorn and astonish themselves through their personal power of beauty. She thinks the role of fashion is to continue to educate oneself about the importance and impact between sensuality and sustainability on a global level and how that contributes and enhances the quality of one's mental and physical health. Qoya Dancing makes her remember that she is wild, wise and free no matter what she is wearing. She feels beautiful when she is owning her sensuality and celebrating it with a new daily vision of who she is.