Kelli Newman

Kelli is an LA-based African-American entrepreneur and former corporate attorney, working toward discovering her passion and purpose and encouraging everyone she meets along the way to do the same thing. She thinks fashion gives women a way to creatively communicate how they feel, who they are and who they want to be. She feels that fashion is an important tool that can empower women to feel bolder, more confident, and more prepared to take on the challenges faced each day, head held high. She loves the calmer pace of life in LA. She feels that so many people she has met have stepped out of the traditional corporate job, and are pursuing their passions, whether it’s the next big thing in tech or an organic juicery. The single most significant piece of clothing in her wardrobe is her wedding dress. She'll probably never wear it again but it hangs in her closet in a wardrobe bag. She likes to take a peek at it every once in a while to remind herself of what an amazing day her wedding day was and how much her life has changed since she wore that dress. Her fashion philosophy is that style can be comfortable. She goes through weeks where she basically lives in leggings, and admits to owning more than one pair of jeggings, but she always tries to class them up with stylish tops and accessories. Her dream holiday destination is Dallas, Texas. Thought not the typical dream destination, most of her family is there and she misses them dearly.

Photo by Moses St. Bernard