Jenna Yankun

Jenna Yankun has always been a fanatical lover of clothing and all things wearable. As a baby, she wore her mother's beads even while learning to walk and played endless sessions of dress up as a young girl. Choosing what to wear on her body has always had the power to awaken her joy and connect her with her strong center. Now, as an adult, she is even more aware of the effect of clothing on her mood and how she feels. She uses clothing as a tool to help her feel safe when she is scared, empowered when she feels small and connected when she feels lonely. Jenna is the founder and designer of Jimmy, a sweater line that gives new live to existing garments with playful detailing that is full of color. The hope is that Jimmy sweaters make the wearer feel joy. She feels very honored to be a part of this collective because it is through community that ideas spread.