Jaimie Mullens

Jaimie is an art director for an indie leather goods label. She first discovered her love of fashion in 7th grade. She had recently lost some weight and found clothes that made her feel really good about herself. She finally wanted to stand out and be seen. She would like to raid Caroline de Maigret's closet because of her effortless style. The single achievement she is most proud of is moving to New York without a job lined up and persevering until she found a full-time design position. She was working multiple part time jobs for over a year and started to question whether she was good enough and talented enough, but she never gave up. Her go-to outfit is her favorite jeans, a simple but well cut tank top and some gladiator sandals. The length of time she takes before an item in her closet becomes beloved varies. With her favorite jeans, she knew right away they had something special. She probably wears them a few times a week. On the other hand, she has a vintage dress she found in LA 4 or 5 years ago and has yet to find the perfect occasion for, but she loves it so much. Her dream holiday destination is a combination of places. She would like to start in the South of France and work her way through Italy to the Greek Isles. If she could ever make that happen she might die of happiness.