The mission of the Tabii Just Women's Collective is to invite you into a deeper, more meaningful communion with fashion through our journal. The Collective is made up of individuals who exemplify Tabii Just in their lifestyles. They are strong, fearless catalysts for progression with distinct voices. Through their creative contributions, they plan to get the real and give a glimpse of the real impact of fashion on the lives of everyday individuals. The Tabii Just woman takes charge of her fashion choices and finds glamour in everyday things, like the feel of silk against her skin. It reminds her that, even as she rushes about her day being her best self, a constant nod to her splendor isn’t such a bad thing. She is contradictory and rather enjoys the freedom to change her mind, tastes and habits when she sees fit. Tabii Just carefully selected women that live their lives effortlessly within these ideals. As expected, TJ lovers are a diverse bunch. The collective of women vary in age, body type, ethnicity, career and more. They don’t shy away from sharing their thoughts and, lucky for you, it’s all right here on our little slice of the web. 

Follow along on our journal for monthly articles from the women in the collective who will be making creative contributions to the Tabii Just community discussing different aspects of responsible fashion and living.


Tessa Maffucci-Tessa is a creative consultant who works in trend forecasting. She discovered her love of fashion watching old film noirs when she was in middle school. She was fascinated by actresses like Veronica Lake and Marlene Dietrich, especially the way their characters dressed and fashioned themselves. She was mesmerized by the dualities and contradictions in their dress, although she didn’t have the language for it at the time. She thinks the role of fashion is to provide all people with enough choice that they can find the garments that make them feel like their true selves. Fashion is such a slippery term and in her mind it is inevitably linked with trends and temporality.....Read more here.

Jaimie Mullens-Jaimie is an art director for an indie leather goods label. She first discovered her love of fashion in 7th grade. She had recently lost some weight and found clothes that made her feel really good about herself. She finally wanted to stand out and be seen. She would like to raid Caroline de Maigret's closet because of her effortless style. The single achievement she is most proud of is moving to New York without a job lined up and persevering until she found a full-time design position. She was working multiple part-time jobs for over a year and started to question whether she was good enough and talented enough, but she never gave up. Her go-to outfit is her favorite jeans, a simple but well cut ....Read more here

Alexis Schuster-Alexis Schuster is a high school English teacher living on New York City’s Upper West Side. She can usually be found with a cup of coffee and a good book, cuddling with her dog. She loves New York because it has her happy place – the 72ndstreet dog run where she, her boyfriend, and their dog go every weekend – and because she realized upon moving here that she could wear anything she wanted and no one would care (though usually she’s in Frye boots and a chambray shirt.) She believes that fashion should make you feel good, whether you’re in a black tie gown or your favorite sweats. This is especially important to her because she has spent the last two years learning to love...... Read more here. 

Alia Michele-Alia Michele is an art director who works with small fashion companies to help them visually present their work in a beautiful way. Alia discovered her love for fashion when she was about 5 years old. She credits her mother for this as she always bought her clothes and shoes that were different from what folks were wearing in their hometown in Jamaica. She remembers mixing patterns and piling on necklaces at that age, as well as the color-blocked moccasins her mother bought her, which she felt so cool in. There was something about being different from her classmates and friends that made her feel unstoppable. The most significant piece in her closet is a Chinese reversible..... Read more here.

Chrislande Dorcilus-Chrislande is a Haitian-American blogger with a penchant for blunt discourse. As a writer for a prominent sustainable blog, Chris waxes poetic about her favorite brands and her experiences maneuvering the world of responsible fashion. Chris has worn two casual and easy black dresses consistently for the past five years, which is unusual as she’s a print lover at heart. She finds that black has gone from an ignored color to one that comforts her and gives her power. For her, nothing beats an LBD—or in her case, a BBD: A Big Black Dress. She would love to raid Dame Westwood’s closet. She believes that the legendary designer’s fashion genius is her supreme aesthetic. Read more here.

Jaime-Jin Lewis-Jaime-Jin is a left-handed, both-brained, mover and shaker. She identifies as a queer, Korean-American, transracially-adopted bad feminist who enjoys biking, fermenting foods and making Beyonce fan art. When it comes to fashion, Jaime-Jin prefers clothes that are simple and comfortable. You’ll usually find her in black jeans and a blouse, paired with loafers and minimal jewelry. She loves Tabii Just for many reasons, not the least of which is the way the rich patterns push her slightly out of her comfort zone. Jaime-Jin believes that fashion can be a vehicle of self-expression, a way of defining ourselves in a world that often wants to define us. She appreciates the vibrancy of .....Read more here.

Jenna Yankun-Jenna has always been a fanatical lover of clothing and all things wearable. As a baby, she wore her mother's beads even while learning to walk and played endless sessions of dress up as a young girl. Choosing what to wear on her body has always had the power to awaken her joy and connect her with her strong center. Now, as an adult, she is even more aware of the effect of clothing on her mood and how she feels. She uses clothing as a tool to help her feel safe when she is scared, empowered when she feels small and connected when she feels lonely. Jenna is the founder and designer of Jimmy, a sweater line that gives new live to existing garments with playful detailing that is full of color. Read more here

Kelli Newman-Kelli is an LA-based African-American entrepreneur and former corporate attorney, working toward discovering her passion and purpose and encouraging everyone she meets along the way to do the same thing. She thinks fashion gives women a way to creatively communicate how they feel, who they are and who they want to be. She feels that fashion is an important tool that can empower women to feel bolder, more confident, and more prepared to take on the challenges faced each day, head held high. She loves the calmer pace of life in LA. She feels that so many people she has met have stepped out of the traditional corporate job, and are pursuing ..... Read more here

Lori Sutherland-Lori is a Pleasure Visionary & Soul Stylist who advocates beauty as a political act while loving her parsonage, family and lion-maned Belgian dwarf bunny. The most treasured item in her closet is hard to determine because every item has a soul styled story. The most valuable is a vintage 1940’s floral floor length rayon robe with sash ties at the waist that she found in impeccable condition. She found it in the funkiest, oldest,weirdest military mothball-smelling vintage shop on W. Broadway and Canal. If she could have a fashion superpower, it would be the power to give other women the gift of Soul Styling, which is that they would know how to adore, adorn and astonish themselves through their ....Read more here.

Meryl Ranzer- Meryl has had an extraordinary and diverse career; fashion designer, artist, educator, creative consultant, and women's empowerment activist. After graduating with honors from the School of Visual Arts in 1984, she began her illustrious career in fashion as a sportswear designer. Meryl has designed private label for Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, and Victoria’s Secret. She has been an instructor at Parsons, FIT, and Kent State University’s NYC Fashion Studio. In 2000 Meryl started a consulting business working closely with established fashion brands and emerging designers. In 2011 Meryl joined 2kGrey, an Equestrian sportswear company as partner and .....Read more here

Jomaire Crawford-Jomaire is a lawyer and native New Yorker. When she is not at her desk, she enjoys meditating and serving on the board of various non-profit organizations. She loves to travel, having most recently trekked across ten European cities in ten days, including Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Cannes, Marseilles, Barcelona, and Madrid. She lives for bold statement pieces, and her fashion philosophy is comfort over style (except when she's in the courtroom). She draws inspiration from contemporary and legendary fashion icons alike, from Solange and Kerry Washington, to Diana Ross and.....Read more here