Chrislande Dorcilus

Chrislande is a Haitian-American blogger with a penchant for blunt discourse. As a writer for a prominent sustainable blog, Chris waxes poetic about her favorite brands and her experiences maneuvering the world of responsible fashion. Chris has worn two casual and easy black dresses consistently for the past five years, which is unusual as she’s a print lover at heart. She finds that black has gone from an ignored color to one that comforts her and gives her power. For her, nothing beats an LBD—or in her case, a BBD: A Big Black Dress. She would love to raid Dame Westwood’s closet. She believes that the legendary designer’s fashion genius is her supreme aesthetic. Chrislande’s attraction to Westwood is couched in her penchant for sex and rock & roll. It also doesn’t hurt that Westwood has written a wonderful manifesto about climate change.

Being happy and feeling smart makes her feel the most beautiful and having a good laugh with the people that she loves most is what sets her soul ablaze. She lives for the variety of experiences available to her as a New Yorker. From the French restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn to the sweet cannolis of Arthur Avenue’s (aka “the Real Little Italy”) Italian bistros up in the Bronx, the city turns a big world in a conquerable oyster.

Photo by Moses St. Bernard