Alia Michele

Alia Michele is an art director who works with small fashion companies to help them visually present their work in a beautiful way. Alia discovered her love for fashion when she was about 5 years old. She credits her mother for this as she always bought her clothes and shoes that were different from what folks were wearing in their hometown in Jamaica. She remembers mixing patterns and piling on necklaces at that age, as well as the color-blocked moccasins her mother bought her, which she felt so cool in. There was something about being different from her classmates and friends that made her feel unstoppable. The most significant piece in her closet is a Chinese reversible men’s suit jacket her parents got for her on a trip to China. She wears it over a dress, by itself with boyfriend jeans or belted. The part of her body she loves the most is her neck. Despite the scars, she usually leaves it bare and lets it be the star of the show. The one person that makes her unbelievably happy guaranteed is her nephew, Bryce, from the moment he was born.