Tabii Loves...Lush Bath Bombs

The holidays are approaching. I hate getting sucked into the excessive shopping and the craziness of it all but I do enjoy treating my family and friends for the holidays. Ideally, I'd like to treat them all the time but the reality is that I forget and I just don't. The holidays are a reminder to me to be grateful for them. Because I avoid the mad rush of the season, I like to start shopping early so that my gifts can be thoughtful as opposed to rushed, last-minute purchases. I stopped by Lush at Herald Square and fell in love with these bath bombs.

All the items at Lush are handmade. Lush is also very clear about which ingredients are natural and which are not. Their products are only tested on humans. Lush is also super transparent. Most items are differently priced because of the different ingredients that go into them but most of them are under $10. The names are super fun like Dragon's Egg and Ickle Baby Bot. Click here to check them out. 

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