Black Hollywood Live Picks Our Iesha Dress As A Sustainable Fashion Must-Have

Podcasts are all kinds of awesome and we are really enjoying hearing others just totally get it when it comes to sustainability and fashion. Black Hollywood Live talked sustainable fashion and picked our Iesha Dress as a fashion must-have.

We and everyone that has made it our bestseller totally agree.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

And if you're wondering, after listening to it, why sustainable clothing is so expensive, give us a second to explain.

We pay our makers fair wages. Tabii Just clothing is made in NYC by skilled workers who get paid time-off and who work under safe, ethical conditions. This means we pay more for their labor. We are a-okay paying more for labor when we know it goes directly to these skilled workers. If you're paying as much for your lunch as you are for a shirt, try to imagine the cost of fabric and the cost of shipping and subtract that from the price of your shirt. Would you work for that amount? Because of fast fashion, clothing has been devalued, while everything has risen in price. We want to honor the makers of our clothing as much as we want you to cherish and enjoy each Tabii Just item. 

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