Interview with Good Clothing Company

 In celebration Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week, I interviewed Good Clothing Company. Good Clothing Company manufactured Tabii Just bulk orders for last season. I met Kathryn, who runs GCC, and was impressed by her commitment to fair garment production. Read why I chose to do my production with them. 

1) Can you tell us a bit about Good Clothing Company?

 Good Clothing Company was founded in December 2014 and opened its doors to the public in March of 2015.  Our headquarters are on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and we have a second facility in Fall River, MA.  Our primary focus is to partner with emerging and indie designers to provide them with the tools they need to launch and thrive -- low minimums, full service design consultation, pattern and sample development.  Our driving force is to re-shore US based jobs, support our local economy and to do our part in rebuilding our industry on a local level.  In response to the increasing demand for larger scale manufacturing, we opened our second facility in Fall River, MA.

2) What made you want to become an ethical manufacturer?

Having worked in this industry on a variety of different levels over the past thirty years, I've seen some horrific things!  With outsourcing and the rise of fast fashion, we've seen a dismantling of what was once a solid industry here in the US and the rise of unsafe conditions in many developing countries that violate human rights on every level.  I feel that it is my moral and ethical obligation to be a part of much needed change.

3) Tell us a bit about the women who made Tabii Just clothing last season. 

Elisabeth Provo, our head seamstress, took on the task of Tabii Just production.  Elisabeth brings years of experience, is a consummate professional and has an unwavering eye to detail.  Elisabeth hails from Sweden and has a work history that would rival most.  We are very honored to have her on staff!

4) What sets you apart from traditional manufacturers?

At Good Clothing Company we focus on safe and supportive working conditions, fair and above average wages with incentives to grow.  We believe in investing in the people behind our clothing. We practice techniques that minimize waste and recycle what waste we can.

For more information on Good Clothing Company, click here

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