Tabii Just in the Trinidad Express Newspaper

Co-founder and designer of Tabii Just, Tabitha St. Bernard, was featured on the cover of the Express Woman, a nationally distributed section of The Trinidad Express on Sunday, in Tabitha's homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. Editor of the Express Woman, Angela Martin, commented that Tabitha managed to "survive against amazing odds".

Read the Editor's note here.

In the article, Tabitha noted, "I think the line speaks for itself, for the most part. Zero Waste is such a unique concept. People are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their choices in fashion. When I talk about the fact that 15 per cent of the fabric used to make clothing is usually tossed out and ends up in landfills, it shocks people and they want to do better. It's a constant process of reaching out to others and letting them know what Tabii Just is about but I'm talking about my baby so it's a great joy for me." 

Read the full article here.

Much thanks to Trinidad Express and the Express Woman for this amazing piece, highlighting Tabii Just. Special thanks to Kimberly Castillo for writing the piece.

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