Awesomeness To The Max, Via An Email

I received these wonderful words in an email today and it just warmed my heart. I've been working on Tabitha juSt for a little under a year and it's been such an incredible journey. Running a business is separate from actually making an collection. To save dinero, I made all the items in the first collection myself. There were days when I would spend the entire day at my sewing machine. My fiance would come home and see me in the same spot he left me in, in the morning. There were many moments of changing fabrics and designs to ensure my vision was properly brought into existence. So, to get feedback like this is so incredible for me. Creating in the confines of my home studio is one thing. Having people love them? That just takes the cake.

"...I must admit to spending more time than I should perusing your website and lusting after the energetic printed pieces in your ROCKETHUB collection. In particular, I think that the accessories are sure to be a great hit! You have done a wonderful job with your first concept release..."

SO humbled.

Thank you

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