Searching For A Model

Superstorm Sandy is behind us and I'm one of the blessed ones that can resume my semi-regular routine. We're getting ready to do a shoot of the clothing for the soft launch and, after a exhausting search, I found a model that I love. I wanted one girl to represent the look of the line, which is young, vibrant, sexy and chic with a touch of urban.I found my girl in......Iesha!
Insert picture.This is a pic of her with no makeup, in one of my tops.
Not only is Iesha absolutely stunning, she's also got a solid head on her shoulders. She's tackling high school and the same time. She's a straight A student AND has a super healthy appetite. That was really important to me. I strongly believe that only certain girls are meant to be models. If you have to starve yourself to fit into my clothing, you probably should start looking at other careers. As I've said before, I can't grow 5 inches and become a model so no-one should be forced to change who they are to please others.
I had a great time fitting her, today. I knew I wanted a beautiful, unique face that properly represents my Afro-Indian Trinidadian background, as well as my current Brooklynite home.I also knew that I wanted someone I could get along with.I've made a little rule that I'm not going to do business with anyone that I don't enjoy working with.I'm working on my dream.If I'm not happy doing it, I might as well give up and go back to Career #1. I'm been fortunate to meet positive, supportive people that are happy to work with me and Iesha was just that. I'm really looking forward to shooting with her.
Here's hoping everything else runs as smoothly as this! Fingers crossed!!

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