I'm A Bit Obsessed With This Mohair Dress

I had the pleasure of filming a holiday segment with P&G for Lady And The Blog. My boss, Vera, is pregnant and on bed rest so I filled in for her. It was a fun day of getting my makeup done, talking about holiday tips with entertainment expert, Katie Lee, and filming the bit for the blog. I wore this Tabitha juSt dress with mohair shoulder accents. I think I'm a bit obsessed with this dress. It's the 3rd time I've worn it in the last 2 months. I LOVE the color! It's a deep berry. I also love the mohair shoulder accents. I used mohair instead of fur because mohair is obtained by shaving the hair off the Angora goat, as opposed to fur, which is obtained by killing the animal. To me, the look is just as luxurious. I just used little pieces of my yardage so I have a bunch left to play with. This dress is also a Zero Fabric Waste dress. I've saved the excess and it'll be used to make another product. Stay tuned to see what that is!

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